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Event Sound Management Software

Audioview has been developed by Vanguardia to provide feedback to live engineers during concerts and festivals of local and off-site noise levels. An intuitive display clearly shows the LEQ measurements and an indication if noise-limits are likely to be exceeded. This has been proven to be an effective method for audio engineers to control the mix level over the course of the event.

Audioview is now in its 4th generation and additional features have been included during the development to include a live display, full 1/3rd octave band data and a building LEQ measurement. The software is used in conjunction with instrumentation from NTI.

The latest version release of Audioview is fully networked, allowing users to view live data from smart phones or any mobile device with an internet connection.

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Multimedia Interface & Display Software

In today’s world of information overload Vanguardia have developed a new innovative platform called MediaView which is built using the Microsoft Surface framework. The system is specifically designed to consume and summarise data that already exists for a business such as images, videos, blogs, social networking, scheduling, publications and general business information etc. Enabling users to interact with, via a multi-touch surface, a high level summary of content and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

For each client, Vanguardia carries out a bespoke UX design which focuses on graphical clarity and ease of navigation, including full usability testing. We are passionate about this because we believe that whilst achieving a high standard user engagement and fascination, the MediaView platform should be intuitive and functional to use.

Event Planner

The Complete Software Planning Tool for Event Operations

Event Planner is Crowd Dynamics new software specifically designed to help introduce efficiency savings and reduce planning costs for the event industry. This one stop toolbox is the product of a decade’s experience and provides a comprehensive solution to the challenges and complexities of planning and managing large crowds in public spaces and arenas. It recognises the importance of taking the initiative in these difficult financial times.

UAF - Urban Analytical Framework

Shared Public Space Evaluation Modeling Software

The Urban Analysis Framework (UAF) is designed to provide an analytical evaluation of the quality of shared spaces for both road traffic and pedestrian users.

  • Urban Space Design
  • Pedestrian Crossing Facilities
  • Public Transport Terminal Layouts
  • Special Events Planning
  • Safety Analysis

For more information on UAF please visit our Crowd Dynamics website.

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