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VC uses science to improve sound control at Hyde Park

May 2013

VC were asked to run simulations on a number of sound systems to test coverage and controllability. The tests, carried out at Hatfield House, included test stations up on cherry-pickers to represent noise sensitive locations. Subsequent acoustic modelling resulted in the production of detailed sound maps showing system coverage.

Large scale events in urban environments, such as Hyde Park, where off-site licence restrictions for noise are low, have been blighted by poor audience coverage in the past.

VC used a scientific approach to the problem to identify a sound system that not only provides good audience coverage, but has the ability to control the sound drop-off at the site perimeter. It is hoped this will offer an improvement for everyone involved - artists, sound engineers and the paying public will get the sound performance they deserve, whilst local residents are less impacted.

Please click HERE to view the full article in the May 2013 edition of Pro Sound News.