September 2015

Stephen Turner of Stephen Turner Acoustics Limited has taken on a part-time Non-Executive Director role with Vanguardia Consulting. He will be providing technical support on some projects, giving internal training and mentoring sessions, and working with the Company's senior management on more strategic issues.

Stephen is an Honorary Fellow and former Vice President of the Institute of Acoustics. He has over 38 years experience working in the field of acoustics and noise control in both the public and private sector. That has included 15 years providing technical advice to noise policy officials at Defra, including 4 years as a civil servant. When that contract finished in January 2015, he set up Stephen Turner Acoustics Limited.

I met Jim Griffiths on my very first day working in this profession, and it is really good to have this opportunity to work with him again. I hope my policy, technical and business experience will be useful to Vanguardia and its staff and that I can contribute to the future development of the business. Being a part-time role means that I can still work independently on other projects, whilst fulfilling what is expected of me as a Non-Executive director.
/ Stephen Turner on his role with Vanguardia

We are absolutely delighted to have Stephen work with us. His knowledge and experience will be hugely valuable to the staff and in supporting the business going forward.
/ Jim Griffiths, Managing Director, Vanguardia Consulting