Publication of Pop Concert Research

19th September 2011

In November 2009 Vanguardia was awarded a DEFRA research contract, (NANR 297) to review the environmental noise at concerts. The Research Papers have now been published and are now available to view (links below).

The research was required given the growing demand for concerts in the UK coupled with the change in licensing regime such that there is a need to establish a robust relationship between noise and community disturbance from varied types of music events. During the 2010 season of concerts, Vanguardia carried out noise surveys at numerous events throughout the UK in addition to this, further social surveys were completed to discuss community disturbance.

Surveys were carried out at the concerts listed below:

  • Pink, Coventry
  • Proms, Swansea
  • Evolution, Newcastle
  • Green Day, Wembley Stadium
  • Mowtown, Kenwood House
  • KISS, Wembley Arena
  • Green Day, Manchester
  • Pink, Glasgow
  • Pride, Brighton
  • Help for Heroes, Twickenham

The advice taken from this will contribute to the revision of the Noise Council’s code of practice on environmental noise control at concerts.

The links to the reports are on the project pages:

NANR 292: NANR 292 social survey report

NANR 297: Final report