Progress for Vanguardia

28th September 2011

As summer 2011 draws to a close Vanguardia reflects on what has been the busiest season of events to date.

It all started mid May with Radio Ones Big Weekend. Following this Vanguardia was proud to be heavily involved with the UK largest record breaking tour, Take That’s Progress, 2011. Vanguardia was involved from the start to ensure the licence was in place to an unprecedented eight night run at the City of Manchester Stadium. Full dress rehearsals took place at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland over a week ahead of the first show. We then went from venue to venue including Glasgow’s Hamden Stadium, Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium, Birmingham’s Aston Villa ground and finally the never before seen eight nights at Wembley National Stadium.

This was one of the many events Vanguardia has worked at and with up to six different events each weekend 2011 also brought with it a number of new festivals, including Wilderness Festival in Cornbury Park and the Harvest Shows at Jimmy’s Farm, Ipswich and Alex James, Chipping Norton.

With many future events getting confirmed already Vanguardia are excited for another challenging summer ahead in 2012.