Olympic Gold

08th August 2012

Since Vanguardia was established in 2006 there has been continual excitement about our involvement in the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Some staff members have been involved in the preparation from as early as 2003, including Principal Consultant Rob Dolling who was involved with the initial Environmental Impact Assessment.

The involvement Vanguardia has had with this remarkable event is many and varied including sound system design, acoustic design in venues and environmental event noise management.

If this was not enough, our in-house musician Warren King was asked to perform in the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Warren was one of 1000 drummers performing in the Industrial Revolution Scene and played a part in the line of Marshalls leading to the lighting of the Olympic Flame.

Vanguardia is proud to be involved in such a prestigious event as well as the noise management of numerous “Live Sites” across London such as Hyde Park and Victoria Park.