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New Event Venue at Battersea Power Station

May 2013

With the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station well underway, the existing event space within the power station building known as the Boiler House and operated by Industri Management will be retired at the end of the summer when the new structure to be erected on the south tarmac next to the power station will open its doors for business.

Not only will the new venue provide a unique entertainment space with the famous back drop of the power station, it will be designed and built in such a way as to provide a high level of insulation to limit noise break-out and disturbance to nearby residents.

Vanguardia are working closely with all the involved parties and are providing an acoustic assessment of the sound insulation properties of the proposed structure, to ensure its suitability as a venue. Senior Acoustic Consultant Mark Arnold stresses that ‘to minimise any adverse impact of noise on local residents is of paramount importance’.

This collaboration is the continuation of a close association between Vanguardia and Industri Management; VC having carried out noise management and control at numerous Industri events at Battersea Power Station and other venues they operate. Examples of recent events include Survival of the Fittest, the Elton John Charity Ball and the London Film Festival Closing Party.