Hyde Park 2dB or not 2dB

20th February 2012

Following months of preparation Friday 17th February saw the licence hearing for the Live Nation concerts to be held at the Royal Parks, Hyde Park.

Westminster Council wanted the offsite noise levels to be reduced from 75dB(A) to 73dB(A). Our evidence was presented to the Westminster City Council Licensing Sub-committee by Vanguardia Director Jim Griffiths and the outcome was to retain the 75dB(A) limit.

Previously the number of live music events held at Hyde Park has steadily increased year on year. The local residents association, who formed the main opposition to the events were looking for a reduction to six events per year. It was decided, following the Olympic Year events at Hyde Park will not exceed nine show nights per calendar year..

London’s Mayor Boris Johnson showed a close interest in the licence hearing and was reported as stating “common sense has prevailed”.