Exceptional Results at Brussels Expo

June 2013

Earlier this year, Vanguardia Consulting was appointed by Brussels Expo to complete the acoustic design for the redevelopment of an exhibition hall (Hall 12) to a purpose built arena for music concerts. The building has a unique roof and a variety of acoustic treatment was specified to the roof, walls and doors, including the design of several substantial bass traps.

Acoustic commissioning of the new space was carried out in June 2013 with exceptional results leading to very positive feed back from the client and promoter Live Nation.

Denis Delforge of Brussels Expo thanked the team for their professionalism and said of the project ...'It is a team work but without Vanguardia, it would not have been possible'.

Live Nation visited the newly commissioned arena and are said to be very impressed by the quality of the venue. They admitted that the sound was superb, and it is hoped that they will collaborate more in the future.