CIBSE have published the latest edition of their influential CIBSE Guide B.

Guide B4: Noise and vibration control for building services systems.

This document, which forms chapter 4 of CIBSE Guide B, provides guidance to building services engineers and others involved in the design of building services on the generation, prediction, assessment and control of noise and vibration from building services, so that designers may produce systems which meet acceptable noise limits. Noise reduction procedures are always much more effective and economic when introduced at the design stage than when applied retrospectively. Therefore it is important that the issue of noise is taken into account at an early stage of the design process, involving advice from an acoustics expert in particularly noise sensitive situations.

Although this chapter is self-contained it is also intended to provide support to users of other chapters of Guide B in matters relating to noise and vibration. The aim of this chapter is to provide guidance to enable building services systems to be designed to achieve acceptable levels of noise in addition to meeting requirements relating to aerodynamics, energy usage and economics.

Alex Krasnic of Vanguardia has contributed to the authoring of the guide along with a small working party of acoustic experts.

The guide is available to purchase from the CIBSE website: