Key People

Jim Griffiths


Jim has over 30 years experience in all technical aspects related to sound, acoustics, noise and vibration and has specialised in the sound management and control at over 1000 music events. He was on the original Noise Council Working Party that published the Pop Code and is now the lead author for the new Code under the auspices of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. _________________________________ Email Jim +44(0) 1883 718 690

Deni Butterfield

Principal Acoustic Consultant

Deni is a Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner, member of The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and a member of the Institute of Acoustics. Deni has extensive experience as lead consultant on major outdoor festivals and venues throughout the UK. In 2006 she completed a 6 month project funded by the HSE on Noise Exposure within the Live Entertainment Industry which has now been published and is being used as the basis for further HSE guidance on Noise at Work. _________________________________ Email Deni +44(0) 1883 718 690

Warren King

Senior Acoustic Consultant

Warren has been involved in sound management and control at concerts since 2005 and have provided control at some of the biggest outdoor events in the UK. Warren has also provided advice and acoustic reports to accompany license applications for outdoor events. _________________________________ Email Warren +44(0) 1565 658443

Rob Dolling

Principal Consultant

Rob has over 15-years experience in all technical aspects related to sound system design, acoustics, noise and vibration. He has specialised in the sound management and control at over 200 music events. Rob has also written noise management plans for several lead clients and negotiated noise conditions with many different local licensing authorities. _________________________________ Email Rob +44(0) 1883 718 690