Expert Witness

Dr David Trevor-Jones


David, a physicist by and a Chartered Physicist has always held a strong interest in environmental matters. His experience over the last 25 years as an expert witness in environmental noise and vibration applied to planning has included more than 40 appearances at public inquiries as well as in Crown and the High courts and before select committees in both houses of parliament. His publications have included methods for ground vibration measurement and analysis. He contributed to, and has spoken and written on, the revision of British Standard 6472 on human exposure to vibration in buildings. _________________________________ Email David +44 (0) 207 922 8861

Warren King

Senior Acoustic Consultant

Warren has been involved in sound management and control at concerts since 2005 and has provided control at some of the biggest outdoor events in the UK. Warren has also provided advice and acoustic reports to accompany licence applications for outdoor events. Warren has given expert witness evidence on a number of entertainment licencing projects. _________________________________ Email Warren +44(0) 1565 658443

Jim Griffiths


Jim has over 30 years experience in all technical aspects related to sound, acoustics, noise and vibration and has specialised in the sound management and control at over 1000 music events. He was on the original Noise Council Working Party that published the Pop Code and is now the lead author for the new Code under the auspices of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. He has also led three DEFRA and HSE research projects on entertainment noise. As an expert witness, Jim has presented evidence at licensing hearings, high court appeals, public inquiries and Government Select Committees. _________________________________ Email Jim +44 (0) 1883 718 690

Tony Price


Tony has worked in the lighting industry for nearly forty years. He specializes in exterior lighting and is particularly experienced in environmental impact assessment, where he has worked on many types and scale of project, from outline planning stage through to technical advice and design. He is frequently called upon as an expert witness and has appeared at several public inquiries. Tony has also conducted many specialist lighting studies covering topics such as road lighting and accidents, energy consumption, environmental impact and carbon footprint, new lighting techniques, solar power, and tunnel lighting, and continues to be involved in the revision of several British Standards. _________________________________ Email Tony +44(0) 1883 718 690