Acoustic Engineering & Sound Design

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The experience of sound is central to our experience of places and events. Sound evokes memory and response.

We strive to achieve sound quality. This implies various requirements in different contexts. We aim to reduce unwanted noise where it is distracting. We seek to provide privacy where this is important. We enjoy creating spaces for the enjoyment of performance, whether live, reproduced, amplified or unamplified.

Focusing on the details is important, in product or construction types, in the contractual and project process. We enjoy collaborating and we believe that the integration of technology and architecture is key to successful modern buildings and events.

Our services include:

Architectural Acoustics for all RIBA Stages

Sound System Design

Active Reverberation Design

Acoustic Measurements

Sound System Measurements

3D Acoustic Modeling

Sound System Modeling

Building Services Acoustics

BREEAM Planning Assessments for Acoustics

Bristol Arena RIBA Design Competition Winners

Bristol Arena RIBA Design Competition Winners


Project Highlight: London 2012 Velodrome

Sound System Design and Engineering by Vanguardia

Vanguardia provided the design and engineering of the complete production sound system in the Velodrome for the Games and beyond. This included detailed design, technical assurance and commissioning of the system. During the Games we also provided system support to the operators throughout all sessions in the venue.

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left-quotethe integration of technology and architecture is key to the success of a projectleft-quote